Q: What is the turnover – average number of gold stocks added or removed with each issue published?
A: Typically 0-3 stocks are added and/or deleted in each region in every report. Occasionally more as the model signals change.

Q: Which recommendations are the strongest if people cannot buy your entire basket of stocks?
A: The report text usually makes that abundantly clear, by region. In each region, it’s the first 5 names on each regional list.

Q: Does the Belkin Gold Stock Forecast cover any other precious metals and sectors other than Gold.
A: Silver.

Q: When a stock is removed from the recommended list are we to assume it is a SELL candidate or is just going to be an underperformer and money should be allocated to top performers instead?

A: When a stock is removed from the recommended list it should be sold.

Q: Do you recommend that we diversify into all the different companies/symbols in each category? For US-listed stocks, there are 28 companies, do you advise we purchase a little of each one? Then purchase a little of all the Canadian-listed stocks? Are your favorite stocks listed from top to bottom in each different listing?
A: The highest confidence positions are the first five in each region.
The order will change over time. Active traders can rotate in and out of the top names on the list from report to report. Passive traders can own a diversified basket of all the names (or a portion), buy the additions and sell the removals. It’s up to you.

Q: Is this the Belkin Report?
A: No. This is the Belkin Gold Stock Forecast. It is purely focused on gold and gold mining shares. The Belkin Report is a weekly global investment strategy report for institutional investors. It covers all global markets, not just gold assets. The subscription cost of The Belkin Report is a huge multiple of the cost for the Belkin Gold Stock Forecast.

Q: Can I pay monthly?
A: No. This is an annual subscription report.


Q: I have Interactive Brokers Trade workstation and most of the tickers given in the Belkin Gold Stock Forecast don’t pull up the company and you have to do searches and its messy. Why when I enter the tickers do they not look up? How do you enter INV.TO into the workstation without searching and fuddling?
A: Interactive Brokers has a company search function when you type it in. Use the company name in the table and the exchange.
Example: (Ivanhoe Mines .TO = Toronto.), (Anglo American Platinum.J = South Africa)

Q: I am considering subscribing to the Belkin Gold Stock Forecast (BGSF) and would appreciate learning if most of the recommendations are in stocks that are easily purchased through American brokerage accounts such as Vanguard.
Mr. Belkin mentioned that many of his picks are in foreign stocks, so I want to make sure his recommendations will be easily accessible.
A: Brokerage accounts are the responsibility of the subscriber. Ask your broker if they can handle international orders, not us. Make sure and check commissions so they don’t fleece you. US brokers will be able to handle US listed stocks. You could stick to US listed stocks from the BGSF. If your broker can’t handle international stock orders, Interactive Brokers is a low-cost, discount online broker that can handle international markets. We have no special relationship with Interactive Brokers, we do not receive compensation from them for account referrals.